Whether you drive a little or a lot, your brakes are one of the most important components in your vehicle. The brakes are responsible for keeping you safe and allowing your car to stop in time. If they’re not working correctly, it’s important that you take your car to an experienced mechanic who understands the intricacies of brake systems. Read on to learn more about our brake services and signs to look for if you think you have a braking issue.

Common Brake Problems

While it’s obvious you have a problem if it’s taking longer than usual to stop, there are a few other common signs that your brakes are in trouble. Be aware of any unusual sounds such as squealing, grinding, or squeaking noises. This could indicate an issue with the pads or rotors. If the brakes feel “spongy” whenever you hit the brake pedal, that is another red flag that should prompt you to have them inspected. Brakes that seem to resist when you try to stop could also be a serious warning sign. Every time you drive, be very aware of how your brakes sound and feel when you use them. When in doubt, take your car to a mechanic who can perform a quick brake inspection.

Brake Services

A vehicle’s braking system consists of several different parts, but it also uses brake fluid to work correctly. Have your mechanic check the brake fluid levels and see if there are any leaks. If the fluid levels are low or the fluid is dirty, have the fluid flushed and refilled. A drum, rotor, or pad replacement may also be required if these parts are worn down. In some cases, the parts can be rebuilt or resurfaced rather than completely replaced. Always rely on an experienced professional to make the correct diagnosis when it comes to your braking system.

Make brake inspections part of your car’s routine vehicle maintenance. Every time you schedule an oil change, have our shop check the health of your brakes. It’s the best way to catch any potential problems early and can often mean the difference between a quick fix and an extensive, costly repair. With durable brakes that are in good working order, you can be sure that your vehicle is riding safely and you can drive in confidence.

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