Heat & A/C Service


Driving during the hot summer months can be a miserable experience if your car’s A/C service isn’t working. Alternatively, it can be equally as miserable if you’re freezing during the winter and driving without adequate heat. Fortunately, proper heat and A/C service for your car should be able to rectify these problems so you can drive in comfort again. If the heat or air conditioning in your car isn’t working the way it should, bring it to our professional mechanics where we can make a proper diagnosis and perform the needed repairs.

Common Signs of A/C or Heat Trouble

For most drivers, they will experience a range of different symptoms that could indicate a possible problem. Some of these include the unit blowing hot air when it should be cold, or vice-versa. For others, the air vents just don’t seem to be producing enough air at all. And in other cases, your entire heating or cooling system could fail to function altogether. Any or all of these problems can make driving in the summer or winter extremely frustrating. Luckily, a good mechanic can easily assess the problem and get it fixed so you can stay comfortably cool or toasty warm.

Heat and A/C Fixes

While every vehicle varies, there are some typical services that are done to correct these air conditioning and heating problems. A few of the most common examples include:

  • Refilling your system with refrigerant: In many instances, your vehicle may just be low on Freon and a simple recharge and refill will get your car’s A/C system pumping cold air again.
  • Fixing the blower motor: The blower motor powers the internal fan, allowing the proper amount of air to be pumped into the passenger cabin. When the motor is broken, it can create weak or almost nonexistent air.
  • Repairing Electrical Components: The heating and cooling system in your car requires communication between the compressor, blower, and your dashboard controls. If any of the electrical components that tell your car to turn on the A/C aren’t working, the entire system won’t respond.

Whether you’re hot, cold, or both, there’s no need to suffer. Let our professional mechanics take a closer look at the problem so we can recommend the best way to get you driving comfortably again.

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