Steering & Suspension


When it comes to a comfortable ride and good driving performance, your car’s steering and suspension system play an important role. This system not only makes driving more comfortable, but it also helps you stay in control when you drive. It works by converting forward energy that’s created by bumps in the road into vertical energy. This vertical energy travels into your vehicle’s frame to absorb the excess impact, or shock. If you’re in need of steering or suspension repair, read on to learn more about how it works.

Your Suspension System Components

Every vehicle’s suspension system consists of a variety of parts that work together. These parts include coil springs and shock absorbers that help to lessen the impact from road force. While not all cars are the same, any vehicle’s suspension system can weaken over time, particularly if you drive on rough terrain or in the city where you likely drive over potholes. Off-road or erratic driving can hasten the wear and tear on your suspension system. It’s important to bring your vehicle to skilled, trained mechanics who can assess any steering or suspension-related problems and then make any necessary repairs.

Important Steering and Suspension Facts

If you’re not sure your vehicle has a problem with its steering or suspension, there are a few things to be aware of. If you notice that your steering is stiff, shaky, or off-center, it may need to be repaired. If you notice a lot of bouncing or a swaying feeling whenever you drive over a bump, or if you notice unusual dips in control when you drive or brake, you could be in need of suspension repair. Even if you drove over a large pothole, it can cause damage to either the steering, suspension, or both.

Over time, the components in your suspension system can wear down. These components are needed to give your car stability and to give you control when you drive. As they wear down, they likely need to be replaced for better handling. The longer you wait, the more components will experience wear, which can result in lengthy, expensive repairs. Some typical suspension repairs include replacing the struts or shocks, a sway bar link replacement, ball joint replacement, or tie rods replacement. When in doubt, talk to our professional team and let us perform a thorough diagnostics test to get you back on the road in confidence.

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