Tire Service


The tires on your vehicle are extremely important, and they keep your car safely on the road. When tires get worn down, it can cause a number of issues including an unexpected blowout. In order to make sure that your tires are in good condition, you should have them checked regularly by a professional mechanic, or you can check the air pressure and tread yourself. Here are some helpful hints to ensure that your tires last a long time so you can protect your investment.

Air Pressure

Every vehicle has a recommended PSI for its tires. This information can usually be found on the inside of the driver’s side door. Check your air pressure regularly to help keep your tires properly inflated. Good air pressure will reduce tread wear and keep the tires lasting longer. You can easily add air at most gas stations. Just be sure that you only fill them to the recommended level and never overfill the tires. With regular maintenance, this simple step can help protect the life of your tires.

Tread Wear

Worn down tread is the most common reason for a flat tire other than nails or extreme potholes. Check the tread on your tires regularly to make sure they’re still good. If you’re in doubt, have your mechanic take a closer look. They will be able to determine whether the tire still has life left in it, and they can also make suggestions to reduce tread wear.

Tire Service

The best way to keep your tires in good shape is to have regular wheel alignments and balancing. These processes will keep everything in check, and it will make your car run much more smoothly. With regular rotation, the tread on each tire will get the best, most even wear. A wheel alignment can also prevent excess wear and will give you much better handling when you drive. You should follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for alignments unless you do a lot of heavy driving. People who live in mountainous terrain or do a lot of city driving should also get wheel alignments more regularly.

With a few maintenance procedures and a little bit of monitoring on your part, you can be sure that your tires will last you for a long time to come.

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